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At The Eye Foundation, you can get the advantage of the very best of technology with the most experienced hands.

Our team of expert surgeons led by Dr. D. Ramamurthy and Dr.R. Chitra have had the special advantage of performing more than 100,000 Lasik procedures catering to different and difficult situations in patients from India and from different parts of the world.

They are pioneers in this field with 25 years of experience in LASIK surgery & have delivered lectures and conducted workshops to train other ophthalmologists in Lasik around the world in USA, UK, China, Australia, Singapore,Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc.

Over 1L successful surgeries
More than 35 years of Trust
2.5 million satisfied patients
Pioneers in Laser Vision Correction


LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is one of the commonest and safest procedures performed worldwide. It has restored eye sight to millions across the globe over the past 2 decades. A number of recent advances in this field have enhanced the accuracy of outcomes. The most recent advancement in this field being CONTOURA LASIK.

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Contoura LASIK

We are offering the TWIN TECHNOLOGY advantage The CONTOURA VISION :

  • More Precise & FDA Approved
  • Better Visual Outcome
The most recent advancement in the field of laser refractive surgery is the advent of CONTOURA LASIK which is a truly customised laser treatment procedure according to your eye shape and colour. The CONTOURA Program uses a sophisticated imaging device which helps capture 22,000 points to customise treatment algorithm for the correction of refractive errors in each eye.

In addition to treating the routine refractive errors, the CONTOURA technology also has the ability to correct any inherent aberrations which may be present in the eye known as higher order aberrations. Correction of these aberrations results in superior quality of vision post LASIK. The CONTOURA treatment is especially useful in the treatment of Astigmatism or Cylinder powers as it provides greater accuracy in pre-operative data capture and thereby ensures precise outcomes. It requires good pre-operative planning by expert refractive surgeons. The Contoura LASIK is FDA approved and can be used for correction for all types of refractive errors.

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Traditional LASIK involves the use of a microkeratome for the creation of corneal flaps. The microkeratome is a hand held blade that moves across the eye, cutting the corneal flap as it goes. While LASIK is extremely safe, if complications do occur the microkeratome is often the cause.

Our hospital is one of first few in India to offer the advantage of the Femto Second – laser that enables the surgeon to create your corneal flap WITHOUT A BLADE ever touching your eye. Traditional LASIK involves the use of a microkeratome for the creation of corneal flaps.

The microkeratome is a hand held blade that moves across the eye, cutting the corneal flap as it goes. While LASIK is extremely safe, if complications do occur the microkeratome is often the cause. Any such complications that can occur with blade Lasik can be completely avoided using the bladeless Femtolasik technology. In this technology, tiny pulses of laser light pass harmlessly through the outer portion of your cornea to a pre-programmed depth and form a uniform layer of microscopic bubbles just beneath the surface of your eye. The Femto second laser flap creation takes about 15 to 20 seconds and is computer controlled for maximum precision. This method gives you vision of 20/20 or better with excellent overall quality of vision.

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STREAMLIGHT PRK or advanced surface ablation is a variant of LASIK available at our centre, is a “No Touch” procedure with the laser being directly delivered on the corneal surface. This maximizes corneal tissue conservation and expands the possibility to treat thinner.

Alternatives to LASIK

For patients in whom the corneal thickness is not sufficient or the refractive error is very high, LASIK is often not an option available to correct their refractive errors.
They can try the following :

Phakic Intraocular lenses which is an outpatient procedure that requires 15 to 30 minutes and gives excellent quality of vision through an Implantable Contact Lens which remains inside the eye without any side effects. It can be used to treat any kind of power and also ensures that the power never comes back.

In patients with Keratoconus and hence unsuited for LASIK, we offer Corneal Collagen Cross linking with Riboflavin (C3R) combined with an advanced topography guided surface laser.




OPTILASIK Wavelight EX500

Flap Creation in Intralase

Intralase Animation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I undergo LASIK?

Yes, if you

  • Are 18 years or above
  • Have myopia or hyperopia, with or without astigmatism.
  • Have had a stable glass prescription for at least one year
  • Have sufficient corneal thickness.

No, if you

  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Have very high refractive errors (>10D; Then ICL is the ideal option)
  • Have unstable refraction
  • Have other ocular surface disorders, infections or inflammations of the eye
What happens when I come to the hospital for a checkup?
During your visit to our hospital, you will first be taken through a routine checkup of your refraction by a team of qualified optometrists. This will be followed by a corneal topography (Pentacam) and the dilatation of your pupils for a detailed retinal exam by a consultant. Detection of retinal degenerations or breaks may require immediate prophylactic treatment of these.

If the retinal exam is normal or following the prophylactic laser treatment, you can discuss your treatment options with a consultant and decide on a surgery date convenient to you. Following dilatation, it may be difficult to read or drive for several hours after the visit. You may wish to bring sunglasses and/or a driver for your vehicle.
Is the procedure long and painful?
The procedure is an outpatient one which requires you to come to the hospital only on the day of the surgery with a relative or a friend. The procedure is done under topical anesthesia (after the application of drops) and is not painful. You need to simply lie down on a couch and look up at the microscope. The whole procedure is usually over in 10-12 minutes for both the eyes.
What do I do after the surgery?
You can return home the same day. You may feel some discomfort in the initial few hours that is easily reduced by oral pain killers. You will have to come for a follow up visit the next day after surgery and thereafter as advised by your surgeon.
Are there any restrictions after the surgery?
You are asked to refrain from splashing water in the eyes and avoid any kind of injury to them for a period of one week after the LASIK procedure. In all other respects, like reading, writing, watching television, working on a computer, traveling and doing household chores, you can return back to normalcy the very next day after the treatment.
Are there any dietary restrictions?
There are NO dietary restrictions after LASIK.
Can my power recur?
It is extremely unlikely. When patients are treated for very high powers there could be a residual power which can be assessed and will be informed to the patient even before the procedure. These recurring powers can also be treated if required through a procedure called Enhancement.

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